Levels of Giftedness


IQ Range


Mildly (or basically) Gifted

115 - 129

1:6 - 1:44

Moderately Gifted

130 - 144

1:44 - 1:1,000

Highly Gifted

145 - 159

1:1,000 - 1:10,000

Exceptionally Gifted

160 - 179

1:10,000 - 1:1 million

Profoundly Gifted


Fewer than 1:1 million

Giftedness is found at several levels. The further a person's Intelligence Quotient is from the norm of 100 IQ, the more complexities that person has. Issues are similar to those of a student with an IQ much lower than the 'average' person. It is difficult to fit into the expectations and lifestyle of 'average' folks when the IQ becomes extreme. More great information can be found at Hoagies Gifted

The 'Bell Curve'

Read about  the 'bell-shaped' curve at Hoagies GiftedPeople who perform at 95% percentile or above in Cognitive Ability, Academic Ability, Creative Thinking Ability or Visual and Performing Arts ability are defined as Gifted by the State of Ohio.