1.   They have a natural talent and interest in one or more areas, and a great capacity within that area of talent(s).

2.    They learn quickly in the area of talent(s). 

3.    They require little repetition when learning new information in the area of talent. 

4.    They have a finely-tuned nervous system which responds quickly to multiple sensory and affective stimuli. 

5.    They probe for more knowledge and deeper meaning in the area of talent.

 6.   They synthesize many sources of information. 

7.     They view the world and situations holistically or globally. 

8.      They often have strong opinions and feelings. 

9.      They have a variety of learning styles: self-directed/guided by others, individual learners/group learners. 

10.    They have a variety of personality profiles:  generous to a fault/self-centered, anti-social/social-conformist, cooperative/rebellious, and all profiles found in the general population in every part of the known world at every developmental stage. 

11.      They will often take on the problems of the world that is, will self-impose the obligation to better the world (family, school, environment . . . )